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Chaleur Touch is a compact hot tub specially designed for couples. It is highly practical! Chaleur Touch offers flexible and complete treatment in an extremely comfortable space, with headrests in each position. Its pressurised water jets provide complete relaxation from your neck to your feet.


Silent pump is the quietest filtration system available on the market, with the lowest energy consumption. Its pump consumes no more than 0,25 kW/h.

Clean Water is a simple and basic solution that requires no maintenance. It consists of introducing ozone (O3) into the water via the hot tub's filtration system. Introducing ozone helps to neutralise deposits that are difficult to filter, in particular body soaps, oils, and other substances that are tricky to remove when they are in your hot tub's water.

This metal frame is treated against corrosion and supports the entire weight of the hot tub, making it robust enough to prevent any deformation. It has been stringently tested in humid environments and extreme temperatures, so it is durable, even when installed outdoors. It is one of the keys to the durability of our hot tubs.

Colour Sense turns the hot tub into a genuine cromotherapy centre, offering wellness therapy based on the positive effects of colour on people’s health and quality of life.

Energy Saving Cover is double reinforced, with a maximum thickness of 130 mm, and is made from materials that, when combined with the EcoSpa feature, reduce energy consumption by up to 67% compared to hot tubs without the Energy Saving Cover. 

General specifications:
•    Number of persons: 3 (2/1)
•    Sizes: 216 x 166 x 74
•    Water volume: 780 l
•    Weight empty/full: 229 Kg / 1.009 Kg
•    Power supply: 3.400W / 14,6 A
•    Voltage: 230V / 400V III
•    Number of jets in the spa: 42
•    Headrests: 3
•    Digital control panel: Balboa System Control Panel
•    Spa with the galvanized framework: yes
•    Energy Saving Cover: yes
•    Colour Sense: Optional
•    Stainless steel jets/Nozzles: yes

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