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What a divine aesthetic is generated by this majestic 3D solid wood wall. The LED lights support a calm and picturesque atmosphere that teleports you to another level of relaxation and fun.


Venus is the Roman goddess of love and the name of a planet. It is immediately clear where we got the inspiration for this sauna. The side walls are made of natural stone and the rear wall of solid cedar wood. It has been hand-worked and sanded to give it a unique three-dimensional effect. The polished boulder is a real eye-catcher and gives you the feeling that you have landed on another planet. The impressive starry sky in the ceiling and the built-in LED strips enhance this cosmic atmosphere. The side walls are made of natural stone Glacier. The ceiling and benches are made of solid ayous wood. The front is built from clear safety glass including a door with stainless steel hinges and a design handle. No fewer than two sauna ovens provide more than sufficient heat capacity. The Venus is specially designed for frequent use and has a special appearance. The wavy back wall in combination with the polished onyx glacier block in the middle and the walls in natural stone give this sauna a very exclusive character.


  • Pre-fabricated sandwich-type construction including non-decorative exterior cladding in chipboard

  • Inside back wall in 3D cedar board 300mm thick

  • Inside lateral walls in natural stone boards - Glacier

  • The ceiling in ayous wooden profiles 185x18mm

  • Benches in solid ayous and cedar slats 50mm thick

  • Glazed front in 8mm clear tempered glass incl. 2 doors with hinges and wooden handle

  • Design feature in the middle of the room: aged polished onyx

  • Control unit FCU4000, emergency button, exhaust fan

  • 2 Sauna ovens Alpha back wall 12 kW 380V installed behind the benches

  • LED RGB strips beneath the benches, 12 RGB glass

  • rods in the ceiling incl. controller

  • Speaker with Bluetooth connection

  • Exclusions: outside finish (supplied in OSB)


VENUS 10 -15 people   Weight: 1700kg  (3 parts)  Wattage: 2 x Alpha backwall 12kW 380V   Size: 4900 x 3000 x 2200

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