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With this model, we wanted to subtract the obvious by adding the meaningful in your wellness experience. Nothing more, just high quality materials and clean craftsmanship, so you can focus on your thoughts and feelings without being distracted by design.

This sauna is perfectly suitable for up to 4 persons. The inside and outside finish is made of Thermo pine- dimensionally stable and resists decaying. Thermo wood has a hard and smooth surface which is generally preferred for enhancing the aesthetics of a structure. But it is not the only advantage; also, it is durable, clean, ecological, and suitable for high temperatures. The benches, backrest, and oven protection grid are made of ayous wood. This is the premier wood for sauna interiors especially for surfaces that contact the skin, due to its lack of splinters and low resin content. The simple design made this sauna easy and efficient to use, with no need for special instructions or support. For us, your comfort and safety are in the first place.


  • Outside and inside finish in Thermo - treated Pine

  • Two-level bench, one backrest, two closed skirtings, oven protection grid in Ayous wood

  • Clear glass door 1790x691mm, in 8mm tempered glass, with stainless steel hinges, vertical stainless steel/wooden handle, and fixed glass window

  • Control unit FCU1000

  • 2 sauna lamps, sauna kit

  • Walls in multiple parts

  • Bespoke models are possible at a supplementary price.

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