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The infrared lounge bench from Alpha Wellness Sensations represents the ultimate comfort solution when you want to relax and enjoy an infrared session. 
Instead of sitting upright, you lie on this lounger so that all vertebrae and muscles are relieved as much as possible.


Our comfortable lounge benches are a perfect combination of selected materials and excellent craftsmanship. The s-curve infrared heater patented by Alpha Wellness Sensations perfectly follows body contours. This means that the infrared radiation is perfectly dosed to the body. The power of each infrared heater can be adjusted for unprecedented comfort. The infrared session promotes circulation, relieves muscle tension, and combats joint pain. This free-standing infrared lounger can be placed, for example, in a wellness complex, a bedroom/living room, or a physiotherapist’s waiting room, etc.


  • Ergonomically shaped bench available in:

  • Cedar

  • Aspen

  • Hemlock

  • Ayous wood

  • Ergonomic quartz heater 600W for ergonomic bench includes flocked grid, metal carcass, leather padding, aluminium reflector, and towel

  • Options: 

  • Leather headrest

  • Foot stool

  • Movable feet support with leather padding ( available only for cabins of min. 180cm depth)

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