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The Chaleur series is close to our hearts, as it was the first model to come out of the Alpha Wellness Sensations drawing table. Back then, it was only available in the revolutionary infrared version, which shook the foundations of the wellness industry at the time. A new and unique concept was born, which is still a leader in terms of quality and safety. And we make sure that our Chaleur saunas are continuously equipped with the latest technological innovations.


In 2024, Chaleur-S received a big innovative update. The interior finish of the sauna is standard in Ayous wood, but as an option, you can also choose between hemlock, aspen, cedar, thermo-pine, thermo-ayous, veneer plates, or others, and can be oiled in 
different colors. This model offers a lot of comfort due to the interesting benches, with rounded nose, cut at 45° and profiles cut at a 30° angle. The control panel has been placed inside the sauna to maximize the comfort.

The Chaleur concept serves as the basis for our custom-made products, which are adjusted to your wishes - with virtually unlimited options. You can create a true wellness paradise that will bring you joy and health at home.


  • Outside finish in OSB/non-decorative plywood;

  •  Inside finish in Ayous wood 130x13mm;

  • Water-resistant sole on the perimeter of the sauna;

  • Suspended ceiling;

  • Benches, backrests, skirting, oven protection grid in Ayous wood;

  • Double LED strips warm white behind the backrests;

  • Clear glass door 650x1850 in 8mm temepered glass incl. Luxury hinges and handle;

  • Sauna Oven Alpha Heat black, 380 V;

  • Sauna control unit Wave.com4;

  •  Floor anti-slip mat, headrests, thermometer, sauna set;

  •  Extra charge for bespoke models.


CHALEUR S 1 -2 people   Weight: 380kg  Wattage: AH 4.5kW 380V   Size:1650 x 1250 x 200

1. new chaleur 165x125_.jpg

CHALEUR S 3 -6 people   Weight: 460kg  Wattage: AH 4.5kW 380V   Size:2200 x 2000 x 2000

2. new chaleur 220x200_.jpg
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