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This elegant and comfortable sauna offers a perfect balance to those looking for relaxation with its modern interpretation of tradition. It is an example of a quality sauna which is also affordable.

It is perfect for those who like traditional Finnish saunas and simple designs. The many dark and well-grown knots of the delicate Scandinavian pine wood give this softwood its lovely appearance. Scandinavian pine grows near the Arctic Circle, where extreme cold makes growth rates much slower; such conditions have made this wood very tight and have a higher density than faster-growing varieties, so it is perfect for the high temperature of the sauna. Also, a great advantage of this wood is its fragrant scent which has a calming effect and encourages us to slow down. The rustic wood is perfectly balanced with the elegant LED light behind the backrest and the black oven protection grid. The perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


  • Outside and inside finish in Scandinavian Pine with black slats horizontally cladded and with black Trespa plinth 70mm

  • Two-level bench, one backrest, two closed skirtings, black oven protection grid in Scandinavian Pine wood with black Trespa plinth 70mm

  • Clear glass door 1790x691mm, in 8mm tempered glass, with stainless steel hinges, vertical stainless steel/wooden handle, and fixed glass window

  • Control unit FCU1000

  • Warm white LED strips behind the backrest (top and bottom of backrest)

  • Sauna kit

  • Walls in multiple parts

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