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Following the best wellness traditions and quality standards, we present you with the Infrawave Lounge. The compact cabin with a comfortable infrared ergonomic bench with two ergonomic full spectrum infrared heaters, two DUO front heaters, and floor heating, is the perfect combination of selected materials and excellent craftsmanship.


Infrawave Lounge is made entirely of certified Canadian red cedar and is equipped with the most innovative technologies in the wellness industry. It has an ingenious sound system, with a Bluetooth-controlled speaker; LED strips with remote control, so you can adjust the mode of operation, colour illumination, and intensity; also, the advanced and compact Infrawave control unit for infrared heaters gives you the possibility to adjust two separate areas, the rear and front heaters, in 5% steps. In addition, underfloor heating, and lighting can be turned on and off. Due to this, you can choose the setting that best suits your personal needs. And, of course, our patented ergonomic heaters, which are integrated into the bench perfectly following the contours of the body. Sit back and relax while the heat promotes your blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and reduces joint pain.


  • Outside vertical finish and inside horizontal finish in Canadian red cedar wood

  • Ergonomic bench in Canadian red cedar

  • Safety tinted glass door 1850x590x8mm with brown hinges and handle

  • Digital control unit

  • Heaters: Duo in front, ergonomic quarts in the back, and floor heating

  • 2 LED RGB strips in the ceiling incl. remote control

  • Adapted towel with open space for IR heaters

  • Bluetooth portable speaker

  • Bespoke models are possible at a supplementary price


INFRAWAVE LOUNGE  weight: 200kg Wattage: 2780W IR Heater: DUO & QUARTZ VITAE   1410 x1410x 2020

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