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The Disclosure Lounge is a well-equipped hot tub which will be a big hit with the 5 people who are enjoying it. It is reasonably-sized (216×216) to make the most of the space, providing its users with absolute and complete wellness thanks to its 2 loungers that face each other in an L shape and its 3 seats opposite to them in a fan arrangement. It is designed to provide exceptional experiences either for groups or couples, with different layouts of jets and nozzles in each position to offer complementary hydromassages and make it easier to move around the space. Without question, the Disclosure Lounge is sure to be a hit, the result of years of research and development (R&D) aimed at improving the user experience through design and technology.


High efficiency pressure filtration:

The pressure filter keeps the water clean and the contaminants are removed. The pressure filter ensures high efficiency pressure filtration, simple maintenance and a long lifetime of the filter.

Five leds inside:
There are 5 RGB LED spots that illuminate the hot tub form the inside and turn it into a colour therapy centre!

Two loungers:

Relax next to your partner in a comfortable lounger for two persons. It is equipped with a complete massage set, thus you can enjoy all the hydrotherapeutic benefits in a comfortable position

Relaxing air massage:

There is air blown in the hot tub creating thousands of bubbles that relax the muscles when they touch the body. The air nozzles, located in the low back and legs air area, are ideal to end the massage session and relax the muscles.

Set massage intensity:

By means of the “ventury-programme” you can set the massage intensity. From a light massage to a  hard jet by turning the nearest knob control.


  • Sizes of the spa (cm): 216 x 216 x 90

  • Number of places in the spa (sitting / lying): 5 (3 / 2)

  • Water volume of the hot tub (liter): 930 l.

  • Weight: (empty - full): 327 Kg / 1.257 Kg

  • Massage pump of the hot tub: 2 x 1.800 W / 2,5 HP

  • Blowing pump of the hot tub: 1.150 W

  • Filter pump of the hot tub: 250 W

  • Electrical heating of the hot tub: 3.000 W

  • Power supply: Low Amp (W) / (A) op 230 V: 5.200 W / 22,4 A

  • Voltage: 230 V / 400 V III


  • Number of jets: 65

  • Hot tub with air nozzles: 10

  • Hot tub with headrest: 3

  • Hot tub with digital control unit: Balboa System Control Panel

  • Ultraviolet Treatment UV: yes

  • Hot tub with galvanized metal frame: yes

  • Hot tub with isolating base from ABS-plastic: yes

  • Energy Saving Cover: yes

  • Colour Sense: 5 LED + lit accessories

  • Stainless steel jets/blowers: yes

  • Aromatherapy: yes

  • Hot tub with filter: Cartridge

  • Woodermax frameworks: yes

  • Waterfalls: 1

  • Hot tub with cartridge pressure filter: yes

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