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The swim spa to swim or not to swim 

The latest in the field of swim spas is our Chaleur Swim XXL: two completely independent tubs, in which one can enjoy the “swim” version and the other the “spa” version; that is, sport and ultimate relaxation in one, swimming against the current or aqua fitness with hydromassage are both possible. Swimming or relaxing. The Chaleur Swim XXL has been developed in such a way that both zones can have their own water temperature. For physical activity, the temperature can be much lower than for hydromassage. That way, one can keep swimming through the 5 jets against the current, while the other opts for a tension-reducing or lipo active massage in the ergonomic seats or the comfortable lounger (all with headrests) in the hydrotherapy zone.


Five strong counter-current jets:

The five jets in the swimming zone ensure a strong turbulence in the water so you can swim in. The pressure of the jets can be adjusted by the user.

Two spas in one:
The spa has two tubs that can be controlled independently one from another: temperature setting, hydromassage power and lighting.

A lounger to relax:
Relax yourself in a lounger after a swimming session in the swim spa. Your muscles are treated with a powerful massage.

Grab bar:
A practical and decorative element. You can grab the stainless steel bar while sitting in the spa.


  • Sizes: 575 cm L x 230 cm W x 138 cm D

  • Zone A: 175 cm - users: 3(2/1)

  • Zone B: 400 cm - users: 1

  • Water volume zone A: 1000 l

  • Water volume zone B: 6000 l

  • Weight emptyfull: 1500 kg /8500 kg

  • Power supply zone A: 3280W / 14,3A

  • Power supply zone B: 7000W / 30,4A

  • Voltage: 230V / 400V III


  • Number of jets: 35 + 16

  • Headrest: 3

  • Digital control unit: 2 Balboa System Control Panel + 1 Aux

  • Ultraviolet Treatment UV: Yes

  • Galvanized metal frame: Yes

  • Energy Saving Cover: Yes

  • Colour Sense: 1 LED lit accessory + 5 LED lit accessories

  • Stainless steel jets/blowers: yes

  • Type of filter: 2 x cartridges

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