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This Chaleur Profi sauna has been developed for intensive commercial use, like in hotels, wellness and fitness centres. 

The Chaleur Profi Sauna has everything you can and should expect from a modern professional sauna. A control panel that can be operated from the outside of the sauna or remotely, that includes a panic button. It is equipped with floating benches to facilitate hygienic maintenance. A 9 kW sauna oven maintains a constant temperature even when guests regularly walk in and out of the sauna. The exterior of the Chaleur Profi Sauna can be finished according to the wishes of the architect or the customer.


  • Pre-fabricated sandwich-type construction including non-decorative exterior cladding in chipboard/OSB

  • Inside finish in hemlock wood 18x85mm

  • Two benches, skirting, backrests, headrests, and oven protection grid in hemlock slats 30x90mm

  • FCU4000 control unit installed outside or remotely

  • Sauna oven Alpha Home 9kW 380V

  • Glassdoor 1940x900mm in 8mm tinted tempered glass incl. 3 hinges, roll snapper, and stainless steel/ wooden D-handle (The door frame comes out up to 15mm)

  • Panic button

  • Sauna lamp


  • Info Note:

  • For outside finishes options, please contact your sales representative.


CHALEUR PROFI SAUNA Weight 500kg  Wattage: Alpha Home 9kW 380V  Size: 2400 x 2100 x 2200

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