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Commercial spa from Chaleur Pro series

Chaleur PRO Round can be tilled on choice or made with an acrylic finish; both add a touch of distinction and make a bold statement in any wellness area. It can be easily installed either indoors or outdoors.


Relax Impact System is the perfect accessory for the all-over and comprehensive massage experience. It is an additional hot air massage pump, channeled through nozzles located below the user's legs and buttocks. When the air hits the water below the leg and buttock area, a sea of bubbles surrounds the body and provides an incredibly relaxing sensation.

This metal frame is treated against corrosion and supports the entire weight of the hot tub, making it robust enough to prevent any deformation. It has been stringently tested in humid environments and extreme temperatures, so it is durable, even when installed outdoors. It is one of the keys to the durability of our hot tubs.

General specifications:
•    Number of persons: 6
•    Sizes: Ø 250
•    Water volume: 1.370 l
•    Weight empty/full: 208 / 1.578 Kg
•    Power supply: 9500W / 18,2A
•    Voltage: 230V / 400V III
•    Number of jets in the spa: 8
•    Spa with air nozzles: 12
•    Spa with the galvanized framework: yes
•    Stainless steel jets/Nozzles: Optional
•    Spa met piezoelectric switches: 2
•    Overflow spa: yes

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