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Fascinating swimming against the stream 

The Chaleur Swim XL Inground has been developed for sportive use both in the residential environments as well as in sports schools, sports clubs, and hotels.  It is definitely an amazing swim hot tub, a combination of a hydrotherapy zone for 3 persons, and a swimming pool especially developed to swim against the stream.  Swimming is possible thanks to its large size (500 cm x 230 cm) and the 5-turbo jets dam the water backwaters according to the tempo chosen by the user.  You can also exercise, as the water’s depth is 1.2m, perfect for practicing aqua fitness or aqua gym, or simply walk against the stream and enjoy all the benefits for the joints that exercises in the water bring.


Five powerful stream jets:
The five jets in the swimming area ensure strong turbulence in the water so that you can swim. The water pressure can be set according to the preferences of the user.

Five LEDs inside:
There are 5 RGB LED spots that illuminate the hot tub from the inside and turn it into a colour therapy centre! 
A lounger to relax. 
Relax in a lounger after a swimming session in the swim hot tub. Your muscles will be treated with a strong massage.

A practical and decorative element. You can hold yourself when sitting in the hot tub, the grab bar is supplied in stainless steel.


  • Sizes: 500 cm L x 230 cm W x 138 cm D

  • Users: 3 (2 / 1)

  • Water volume: 8500 l

  • Weight empty/full: 1177 kg /9677 kg

  • Power supply: 7000W / 30,4A

  • Voltage: 230V / 400V III


  • Number of jets in the hot tub: 26

  • Headrests: 1

  • Digital control unit: Balboa System Control Panel + Aux

  • Galvanized metal frame: yes

  • Energy Saving Cover: yes

  • Colour Sense: 5 LED + illuminated accessories

  • Stainless steel jets/blowers: yes

  • Waterfalls: 1

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