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A spa that everyone is crazy about. The Chaleur Pro Lounge spa is impressive. Having a sitting capacity of four persons and two spectacular loungers parallel arranged, this model is one of the most successful commercial spa, intended for customers that are looking for distinct and sophisticated features in their business.


Two loungers

Relax next to your partner in a comfortable two persons’ lounger. Furnished with a complete massage jet set so that you can enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy in a comfortable position.


Thanks to the overflow feature, the water level stays the same no matter the number of users.

Relaxing air massage

There is air blown in the spa so that the bubbles are created to relax the muscles when touching the body. The air injectors are built in the area of the low back and the legs, as they are ideal to end the massage and relax the muscles.

.  Features:

  • Number of persons: 4(2/2)

  • Sizes: 230 cm x 230 cm x 90 cm

  • Water volume: 880 (l)

  • Weight empty/full: 470/1350

  • Power supply: 9500W / 18,2A

  • Voltage: 230V / 400V III



  • Number of jets in the spa: 2

  • Spa with air nozzles: 10

  • Spa with headrests: 2

  • Spa with galvanized framework: yes

  • Stainless steel jets/Nozzles: yes

  • Spa met piezo-electric switches: 2

  • Overflow spa: yes

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