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Exclusive and high quality, the Chaleur de Luxe steam room is a practical and elegant solution to modern needs. It can be used both professionally and in a private wellness concept. In addition, while enjoying the ritual of cleansing and well-being, you can enjoy the benefits of colour- and aromatherapy in complete intimacy.


The Chaleur de Luxe steam bath is a perfect place to relax in a paradise of perfect serenity. It is suitable for up to 8 people. A sophisticated and easy-to-use digital control unit that regulates steam generation time, steam temperature and turns on / off the light allows you to create an atmosphere of modern comfort. The interior finish in Ezarri mosaic tiles and natural stone is a beautiful combination with oriental look. Ezarri is one of the most exclusive mosaic manufacturers and you can combine almost endless colours and patterns to your liking. Choose an individual relaxation experience that is so necessary to modern life.


  • Walls in 60mm hard foam boards (EPS) with inside finish in natural stones (2 different types available)

  • Barrel vaulted ceiling 50mm, polystyrene finished with decorative epoxy

  • Benches in hard foam, tiled with classic Ezarri mosaic, straight base, round front edge, ergonomic backrest, and sides finish with Corian boards

  • Glass front in 8mm, clear, tempered glass; with door 700mm wide, with pivot system and stainless steel hinges and handle

  • Steam generator 9kW 380V with digital control unit and aroma pump fog maker

  • 10 LED RGB spots light and LED RGB strips beneath the benches

  • Extra charge for bespoke models.

  • To be provided by the customer:

  • Floor constructed of impervious materials with a 1:100 fall to central trapped gully

  • Power supply, water supply, and drain for the steam generator in the technical room

  • Info Note: Outside finish and bespoke models on demand.


CHALEUR DELUXE  Weight 300kg. Wattage: 9kW 380V.  Steam Generator: Steam alpha Size 2400 x2400 x 2200

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